Royal College of Music Chamber Ensemble
Skyline Brass
University of Lund Student Singers
Klosters Festival Singers



Friday, Dec. 15th
7:30 PM
Hotel Silvretta

Skyline Brass, University of Lund Student Singers, Klosters Festival Singers

Tickets include complimentary drinks and appetizers until 9 PM

Saturday, Dec. 16th
7:30 PM
St. Jakob’s Church


Program to include Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, brass music from the Renaissance and Vivaldi’s Gloria for chorus and orchestra.

Adam Hickox • Conductor

Sunday, Dec. 17th
5:00 PM
St. Jakob’s Church

An evening of traditional Christmas music with organ and chorus including carols for the audience accompanied by Skyline brass.

Felix Bagge • Conductor


Friday CHF 85
Saturday CHF 50/25/15
Sunday CHF 45/25/15

Available at Schauerte Uhren-Bijouterie
Bahnhofstrasse 6, Klosters